Published on December 28th, 2010

The name Daojia refers to the philosophy of wu wei (yin yang) where the universe is seen to be held in equilibrium by opposing forces. This is reflected in his approach to music in that he tries to gain at some understanding of each and every possible musical path that could be tread, meaning sets can range from his grounding in drum & bass and dubstep to deep house, to UK garage, to ballin’ trap muzik, to ambient elevator muzak, to whatever else might it take to enter the mindset of those enjoying the mix.

Having focused primarily on production long before his DJing adventures, he’s worked on tracks from all of the above, with 12″ plate ‘Riego St. Dub’ on London’s Awkward Movements, tracks released through Edinburgh’s Abaga Records and a whole host of material to go out for free on Povertyblock in the upcoming year.

Latest tracks by Daojia